I may call my self very old fashioned person. I like to keep up traditions and habits in our family. All kinds of activities, that keep on loosing the meaning these days in the modern world. Baking sweets for X - mass, crafting Eastern eggs, picking grapes in autumn, making own sour cabbage and many more. For me it’s important to show my children the basic, simple and beautiful things in life.

I do live healthy life, eat light and fresh meals with less meat, but on this one special day in year I do forget everything around me. All the childhood memories, tastes, smell come back to me, when I visit my uncle Miloš for the traditional shambles (I hope to use the right word for explanation). Teaching kids to be great full for what the nature gives to us, we all enjoy the tasty home made meals. It’s always a sad day for the poor pigs, but I try not to think about it too much. Well, life must go on!

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