Well HI all of you out there. What have you had for breakfast this morning? 

I can’t imagine my life without a green smoothie in the morning. It all has started two months ago, on my birthday. I got the question from my mum “Darling, what would make you really happy? What kind of gift?” I knew the answer right away…..Vitamix blender! I have done a small research on this multifunctional tool before deciding to get it. Just to be sure to make the right decision. And well yes!

Since than I cant imagine my day without a smoothie. This jar full of vitamins, nutrition a fibers, which do so well to my body! I love to enjoy my food and stay healthy in the same time. This blender will help me a lot to stay focused on what I like – good yummy and healthy food

……So let’s keep in touch friends, this is just the start! 

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