Cook books. They join my whole life. The first cook book I remember was a very thick blue book my mother use to cook from (was probably age 4 that time). She got this old book, full of traditional recipes as a gift from her grand mum. These days you may find recipes everywhere – manly on the internet. But for me is nothing better than to flip trough a book full of great pictures, my notes, favorite recipes. One of my biggest treasures is this old book from 1943. Cook book written by Iren Bárovičová  “The Slovak housewife helper”. I have found this book at the flea market 7 years ago. I could not believe my own eyes. Not only that it is a book full of treasures, recipes you’ll not be able to find anywhere these days. This book is really special – it is signed by the authoress - as a gift for one of her friends. I have translated one of the recipes for you – Tomato marmalade.


1kg of ripe tomatoes

40 dkg of brown sugar

1 lemon

1 vanilla bean

Clean and peal the tomatoes. Then cut to bites, put in to a pot and lat cook on a low heat level. After few minutes of cooking you may mash the tomatoes (but if you like bits of fruits and greens, like I do – just leave it as it is!). When the mash starts to get thicker add sugar, slices of lemon and vanilla (scratch the seeds out, but use also the bean. Just leave it in the pot while cooking). Cook till it gets nice thick. Then fill in to jars or use right away. I think this marmalade may be great also as addition to meat or cheese. I would recommend using bit of fresh chilly and thyme to make the marmalade even more interesting.

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