Bread is holy in our family. When I buy it, we newer eat it all up. When there is none home, everyone wants a piece. The same is with bread rolls. I do not eat that much bread anyway, but my kids and hubby just can’t live without it. So what to do, when you end up with 2-3 days old bread rolls in your kitchen? Newer throw them in to trash! There are so many animals out there, which will thank you for it! Fish, bunnies, pigs…. But you may also try to bake a recycled cake with them. Here is the recipe:


4 old bread rolls
2 cups of milk (almond optional)
4 large eggs
4-6 spoons of coconut sugar
2 apples
1 spoon of cinnamon sugar

dry fruit, coconut chips, berries, chocolate

It’s so simple! Mix the milk with eggs, than add sugar. Cut bread rolls in to similar pieces, grate apples. Mix bread rolls, apples, cinnamon (or optional fruit). Than combine dry and wet ingredients.  You end up with kind of mash (don’t be scared!). Take baking bowl, wiped with butter, and sprinkled with flour. Heat up the oven to 185 Celsius. Place the mash in to the bowl and bake for aprox. 45 minutes.

The result should be a nice crunchy cake on the top, with nice soft spongy middle. Let it cool down. When serving – sprinkle the cake with cinnamon sugar and garnish it with home made marmalade or compote.  Yum!  

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