I love to eat healthy and yummy food. The RAW food wave is all around me last months. No matter if I read some articles about healthy food, go trough recipes, surf the Instagram or Pinterest – RAW is everywhere. In cakes, pasta, salads, wraps sushi…. So why not to try it? It want become the center of universe for me, but I should give it a try. Yesterday I’ve made my self my very first raw spaghetti. Here is the recipe:


what you need for one portion

1 large carrot
½ avocado
½ of tomato
¼ of fennel
¼ of salad cucumber
2 large spoons of virgin olive oil
½ of lemon
Flore de salt
black pepper
red pepper (whole)
1 spoon of honey

step by step

Use the spiral machine (if you don’t have any, you my use the carrot cleaner to get thin slices – like tagliatelle pasta) to get nice thin carrot spaghetti. Cut tomato and cucumber in to small squares, then fennel in to thin slices. Clean ½ of avocado, leave 3-4 slices for decoration and cut the rest also in to small squares. Place carrots on the plate (like you would do with plane pasta), and then start to top with all the other vegetable (pretend it’s the base of Bolognese sauceJ). Make nice decoration with avocado slices and young fennel leafs at the end.
Then add olive oil, sprinkle of Fore de Salt (I have plane and lemon flavor at home, have used the lemon one this time), grain black pepper and few red pepper seeds. Squeeze ½ of lemon and use the juice for the topping. Add sweet liquid honey which gives the whole dish nice semi sweet taste.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

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