1 ½ kg of fresh strawberries
1 rhubarb stalk (optional)

½ cup of whole chia seeds

4-5 TS coconut sugar (depending how sweet you like it)

5 sterilized jars – middle size

Mash the strawberries in a pot, add rhubarb and coconut sugar. Bring to boil on a middle heat level and then cook for 5 minutes while stirring all the time. Add chia seeds and cook for another 4-5 minutes. The mass should not be liquid, but not to thick eihter (it will get thicker while cooling down). Fill the jam in to the jars. Close them tide and turn upside down - you do not need to sterilize the jam. Leave jam cooling at room temperature. 

If you turn the jar in few minutes (aprox. 15 min) just try a little test. If you nock on the lid, you should not hear any muffled sound. You may be sure, that your jam lasts for at least 6 months.

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